Families in Recovery is a ministry providing hope and support to both individuals in addiction recovery and their family members. We believe that the power of God saves, heals and leads us in recovery. Families in Recovery is a three component ministry, enabling us to reach families both locally and globally. We believe no one needs to walk through recovery alone.

Three ways to reach out: debbielamm@familiesinrecovery.net

(704) 707-4277

Facebook – families in recovery online support group


Weekly Support Group

Meeting once a week, individuals come together in person in an open share format to find hope and strength. The weekly support group is open to both individuals in recovery and their family members, and is strictly confidential. Through check-ins, Spirit-led discussion and sharing, we are able to draw from each other’s experiences and move forward in recovery together. Childcare is available by request.

Boots on the ground

Addiction recovery often requires specialized interventions.

Families in Recovery helps those in need connect with available resources, provides information to allow families to make educated choices, and encourages prevention and awareness activities in the community.

Through connecting, ministering, and helping, we are able to see more individuals be successful in recovery. Families in Recovery also provides individual ministry sessions as requested for prayer and personal sharing.


Online Access

Families in Recovery works to create effective online access and communication. Using a Facebook information page, we give access to a greater community of those in need. Families in Recovery also has a closed Facebook group- an online support group- allowing individuals to connect and share throughout the week. Members of this group are not required to attend the weekly support group meetings, although encouraged.

Families in Recovery uses an independent website to provide more detailed information about the ministry. The website includes information on the support group, online group, addiction resources, and a blog. The blog seeks to communicate hope and healing through a deeper, more personal form of communication.



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