What is hope?

"Whatever was written beforehand is meant to instruct us in how to live. The Scriptures impart to us encouragement and inspiration so that we can live in hope and endure all things. (Romans 15:4, TPT)" Hope. The opposite of despair. I know despair well. There have been many days when I felt as if Despair... Continue Reading →

About Us… FAMILIES RECOVER TOGETHER When someone struggles with addiction, it is not just the addict that suffers, but the family. Addictions vary from person to person, but the hopelessness does not. This past September, I began partnering with a friend of mine, Sherie Neely, to make a difference in addiction recovery. Sherie was working... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on this new adventure! Let me introduce myself. My name is Debbie Lamm. Like the water below, my life seems to be always moving, sometimes calm, sometimes with turbulence so strong I think the world will soon end. I frantically reach out, grabbing hold of the only thing I know to... Continue Reading →

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