Real Stories

All names have been changed to protect confidentiality- but we are real people. What does a family in recovery look like? Mary is a single mother. She began using drugs at age 17, and quickly progressed to heroin. By the time she was 24, she had two beautiful children, who are now being raised by... Continue Reading →


How do we change? Are we doomed to fight this battle within our soul forever? No,... You may be seeing social media posts about the last days. I have seen many talking about how we need to repent. Our nation needs repentance. Did that statement just turn you off? Don’t stop reading. This blog post... Continue Reading →

The Fence

I have been thinking about the principle of the path today. It is not your intentions that will get you where you want to go. It is the steps you take in the right direction. Andy Stanley wrote a wonderful book to answer the question, “ How do you get where you want to go?”... Continue Reading →

Belay That

to attach (a rope) to something so that it is secure : to attach a secure rope to (a person) for safety. I have this image in my mind of rock climbing. I see this steep, jagged mountain with people trying to climb its cliffs. Some are perilously climbing alone, in danger of their foot... Continue Reading →

The Tribe

I have a tribe. I felt at home with them, like they were my family. The tribe took me in when I was lost. The enemy managed to destroy what little strength I had back then, and left me wounded in the dark. The tribe carried me home and cared for me until I could... Continue Reading →


"For they no longer belong to this world anymore than I do. (John 17:16,TPT)" You are in this world, but not of it. Hineni. Here I am, I am listening. Abraham cried out to the Lord – Hineni! I am ready for whatever was to come. Moses spoke Hineni to the Father at the burning... Continue Reading →

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