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When someone struggles with addiction, it is not just the addict that suffers, but the family. Addictions vary from person to person, but the hopelessness does not. This past September, I began partnering with a friend of mine, Sherie Neely, to make a difference in addiction recovery. Sherie was working with an organization called Believe, Support, Hope, focusing on community addiction prevention and awareness. Through a series of what I like to call “divine conversations,” Families in Recovery was born.

I love to introduce people to what God is doing; it usually goes something like this:

Welcome to Families in Recovery. We are so glad you are here! No one needs to walk through recovery from addiction alone. Families in Recovery is a faith-based ministry offering hope and support to family members and individuals dealing with any addiction, including drugs and alcohol. We learn together, we learn from each other, we support each other, share with each other, hold each other up, and hold each other accountable. Together we can help support each other, while we work to find true freedom for our hearts. We would love to see you at our weekly support group meeting, faith-based and open to anyone. We believe that the source of real hope and freedom is Jesus Christ. Can I pray for you?

I can’t wait to see what comes next on this journey – no matter what, I know that God will be walking this road with me, making every day matter.

Families in Recovery online support group – closed facebook group

Look us up!

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