One of the most beautiful things about God is that He has many different faces. Each one has its own power and truth. He is Father, He is Savior, He is lover, He is healer....I could go on. Scripture shows us a face of our God that has yet to be unveiled. He is the... Continue Reading →

New Reality

Things have changed. Life has changed from what we thought was normal. We are moving into a new reality. Change can be unsettling for many of us. We have built our lives around people and things we see as important. The changes that have been forced upon us have given us a new reality. We... Continue Reading →

The Gate

     Imagine that you are walking on a stone path. The stones beneath your feet are rough and uneven. After what seems like an eternity, you come face to face with a gate. This gate is unlike anything you have ever seen. It is made of solid stone but has no lock on it. The... Continue Reading →

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