The Gate

     Imagine that you are walking on a stone path. The stones beneath your feet are rough and uneven. After what seems like an eternity, you come face to face with a gate. This gate is unlike anything you have ever seen. It is made of solid stone but has no lock on it. The... Continue Reading →

Anxiety and Recovery

Lately we have all found ourselves in a state of change. I hate change. If you are like me, you have been wrestling with the unknown “what- ifs”, the fears and stress of things not being normal. Some are afraid of the virus, others under tremendous stress financially. No matter what your particular experiences, we... Continue Reading →

The birds

Fly! Spread your wings and soar above the treetops, above the atmosphere. Fly like the birds do, going where the wind carries them. I cannot get the image of birds out of my mind. Flying free, their song piercing the silence of the air. I have never been one to like birds, but the Lord... Continue Reading →

Hope on Fire

“Hope is the joyful, confident expectation that good is coming. It is an overall optimistic attitude about the future, based on the promised of God. ( unknown)” We under estimate hope. Hope is powerful. It is life changing. Hope is the reason we live. ( artwork by Lisa Albinus) If we ever let go of... Continue Reading →

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