Star of Hope

Matthew 2:9-And so they left, and on their way to Bethlehem, suddenly the same star they had seen in the East reappeared! Amazed, they watched as it went ahead of them and stopped directly over the place where the child was. 10 And when they saw the star, they were so ecstatic that they shouted and celebrated with unrestrained joy. (TPT)

Last night I was messaging with someone on social media, and was asked a thought provoking question.

But will He work in those that reject Him though? That’s a tough pill to swallow…

It really made me think. I had been encouraging her to not give up on what God can do with her loved one. There is always hope, I said. But what if we reject Him? Does that change things?

As I reflected on this question, I immediately said, “Lord, how many times have we rejected You? How many times have we all turned away from You to go our own way? Yet You always let us come back.”

Think about the star in Matthew 2. The beautiful Christmas story always includes the star. According to scripture, it hung in the sky over the place where Jesus was to be born. It could be seen from far and near. The “wise men,” or kings from distant lands, knew of this star. It represented the hope of a coming Messiah. Imagine the beauty of this star- never fading, never changing. The wise men used this star to guide them as they began their journey to find hope. Although we often see these three men in the manger scene or nativity, in reality, it took them months or even years to arrive. The star kept shining while they traveled on – a symbol of unending hope.

Is there always hope? What if we reject God, or turn our back on Him? Will He turn away from us? No….

I have turned away from God so many times. I would decide to do what I wanted instead of listening to Him. Let’s be real- haven’t we all? There was a time when I was so lost in my own choices that I refused to hear Him calling. I remember one night, sitting alone with the tv on- high on marijuana. On the tv was a late night preacher. I could not take my eyes off him. As high as I was, God was trying speak. I knew He was there, but even then I turned back to my own choices. He never stopped chasing me- and I am so glad He didn’t!

What if you have a loved one who is lost in addiction? Drugs and Christianity are not exclusive. You can be an addict and know Jesus. How do you keep praying for your loved one who appears to be rejecting God?

You pray for Him to step into their path.

God – not you.

God can ALWAYS work in those that reject Him. His love is the essence of hope. It always shines, always leads us, always tells us He is there. He will never give up on us, on our loved ones. Sometimes He chases us for years.

This Christmas, remember the star. When you struggle to find that hope- look into the heavens and find your own star of hope. Don’t give up-

And when they saw the star, they were so ecstatic that they shouted and celebrated with unrestrained joy.

Merry Christmas, I hope you see your star of hope!

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