What are you willing to do?

This past week, I was asked an important question. What was it that made the difference for you? Why did you make it?

I had to pause. I knew that this question was coming from a wounded place, desperate for answers. I knew I needed to be careful in how I answered.

The truth is, my journey is different from yours. We all have similar stories, but different. I paused in thought before I answered.


I made a choice to allow God to take control. I was a broken mess, desperately wanting to be made whole. When I committed to going where He took me, my life changed.

“But why does my child struggle so much, over and over and over? My family did not ask for this! Its just not fair!”

Absolutely true. Addiction does not differentiate. It hits families from all socio- economic levels, all religions, all cultures. A slew of bad choices can turn into a lifetime of struggle. No one asks for it. It began with a choice, but now seems to be unending without choice.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not depend on your own understanding. ( Proverbs 3:5)

We all have choices to make. Your son struggling in recovery has the choice to ask for help or to continue trying to fix things himself. You have the choice to ask God for help forgiving or to keep being angry and walking in unforgiveness. There is one choice, however, that makes all the difference in life.


What are you willing to do to move forward in recovery? Are you willing to let things go? Ask for help? Reach out for support?

The choice before us all seems simple, but I confess it may be the hardest. Will you give your recovery, or that of your loved one to God? Will you hand it over to Him, trusting that He will move?

What made the difference for me was making that choice.

God. Help me.

I chose to let Him do it. Whatever “it” was.

God. Help me. I can’t do this anymore. I give you my life- as messed up as it is, it is in Your hands now.

That is what made the difference for me. March 26,2008- I am not the same.

Has life been fair, just because I made the choice? No. Is everything restored? No- the difference is, I am living by walking hand in hand with Jesus, instead of hiding in a closet in fear. I can face new obstacles because I know that He is leading me. I have made that choice over and over- I am willing to do anything to move forward in my recovery.

What are you willing to do?

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