Breaking Time Zones

Our world is divided. Even time is broken into pieces. We live in time zones that are centered on where we live. The events of this year have divided us even further, sparking discontent and chaos. We naturally want to be connected.

Today I was part of breaking through the time zones. Breaking through the disconnect. A group of us intentionally gathered online to worship together. Each time zone was represented. Together we sang, dance and declared truth into the atmosphere. Even though we were distanced physically, our joyful worship connected to break through barriers.

We need to connect.

From the start of social distancing, I have tried to re-connect. It has been a challenge, to say the least! Why has it been so difficult? Isolation is a tactic of the enemy. There is strong spiritual opposition to connection coming from strongholds we have allowed to grow. We stand in the middle of “the highest principalities and authorities operating in rebellion under the heavenly realms.(Eph 6:12,TPT)” The enemy knows the power of connection.

“…I long to impart to you the gift of the Spirit that will empower you to stand strong in your faith.Now, this means that when we come together and are side by side, something wonderful will be released. We can expect to be co-encouraged and co-comforted by each other’s faith. (Romans1:11-12,TPT)”

Coming together side by side does not have to mean in person. We can walk along side each other in other ways; support can come from all sides.

Have you ever considered using social media to build relationships, and walk side by side with those who need you? We have a tremendous opportunity to connect – and even break the time zones! Technology gives us the tools to have face to face encounters, group meetings, live interactions, or private chats. We can create private group spaces to protect our confidentiality, or we can choose to go public. Social media platforms can spread our encounters across the world – no matter what time zone we live in. We can use our social media groups to encourage, support or evangelize. There is no limit to how we can reach out. So what’s the hold up?


We know that social media, through the words and actions of others, has given itself a bad name. There have been instances of misuse and conflict. There are similar situations that happen in face to face communications. The media has become so overwhelming negative- we often can’t tell what is true! We have been taught to walk in fear.

I won’t do it.

Are you afraid to use social media? I know that many of us sit around and flip through our news feed, we post pictures, we use Zoom meetings to continue our “normal” lives. We need to take it a step further. We can intentionally build each other up, creating face to face virtual conversations. We can walk along side each other without ever having to physically interact. We can choose to support each other- this only works if you respond, however! Support is not one sided.

Let’s take back social media. Help me increase relationships and encouragement by posting, commenting and meeting! Post live videos, use the meeting rooms, whatever works for you. Do you need someone to talk to? Reach out. Do you need someone to walk along side you? Let us know. Have an encouraging word for someone? Post a video! Share it! Help me break the time zones.

This blog has readers from nine different countries. Post comments! Share – let’s talk about it! Families in Recovery has an online support group on Facebook. It is a private, confidential group – you can go live in safety! Try it out! Search us out on or facebook – families in recovery online support group. Message me privately if you want!

Email –

Facebook messenger – Debbie Fuller Lamm

Our world is divided, but we can come together. We can unite in hope. We can unite in faith -let this be the spark that ignites connection. Will you break the time zones with me?

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