Remember Who You’re Talking To

This morning I stumbled on a song by Brian and Katie Torwalt. I was getting ready to start my day, not paying much attention, until I heard this line- remember who you’re talking to…. it stopped me in my tracks.

I have been getting lost in the “what ifs.” What if this, what if that happens, what if I can’t… it is creating so much anxiety in me that some days I can barely function.

This morning, God turned the tables. Remember me? Remember who you are talking to! If I could create the entire universe, don’t you think I know what I am doing now? I was instantly humbled.

What is your “what if?” It could be what if I don’t stop my child from using? What if I let him make his own choices? Or – it could be something like mine- what if things get even worse in the world? What if they do create a vaccine and I won’t take it? What if I take a stand for what I believe and lose my job? We are living in a world of what ifs…

How quickly we forget

I know the God who parted the Red Sea personally. He saved my life. He is my life. I talk to Him, He talks to me, and I believe what He says. He can raise the dead, heal the sick and make the blind see. He’s done it before. I know that He can set us free from even the darkest chains. He’s done it before.

When we pray, we are talking to this very same God. How quickly and easily we forget what He has done, and can do.

And oh my soul
Remember who you’re talking to
The only one who death bows to
That’s the God who walks with you

We must not forget who we are talking to. We cannot let the world overtake what we have in our God! No matter the circumstance you face, no matter the “what if,” God is ready willing and able. He is already in it. He knows what is happening- and if He can overcome the grave, I know He can overcome everything else!

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  1. You are amazing! You lift me up on my worst days and my best days. You are an inspiration to all, especially me. Thank You for leading this amazing group. You have rocked my world!


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