Run away

Have you ever thought about running away from life, hiding out somewhere away from the world and just let it go on without you?

These days I find myself wishing I could do that very thing…. sometimes.

When we are faced with situations that are completely out of our control, we react in different ways. Some of us fight to gain control. Some of us want to run as fast as we can to find something that makes us happy. Others find themselves stuck, unable to move. Which one are you?

I find myself wishing life would just stop changing, stop throwing punches. I have always been a runner- I tend to run away rather than fight. In my younger days, I ran to alcohol and drugs, relationships or people. Escape.

I know some of you are fighters. When your loved one is in crisis from addiction or mental health problems, you fight to step in and take charge for them. You cannot stand to be so out of control, helplessly watching them struggle.

Neither one of these is good.

Jeremiah 32:27 – Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me?

We cannot control life. We cannot control our loved ones. We cannot control time.

When we try to step in and take over, we are stepping into God’s business. When we try to run or escape life, we are running away from the very One who gave us life. So what do we do?

It’s actually not about control. It’s about trust. God does not want to control our every move. He wants us to trust that He knows what He is doing. That is so difficult to sometimes!

We have been given something called free will. In His sovreign wisdom, God gave us choices. That was His choice to make for us as Creator. He gave us the choice to love Him, or believe in Him. That means some people choose not to…

Because of free will, our loved ones have the choice to continue in their negative behaviors. People have the choice to make decisions that impact our lives. We have the choice to vote. Our choices ARE something we can control. God is asking us to make choices that are based on trust. Do we trust Him to follow through? Do we really believe Nothing is too hard for Him?

Please understand that I know this is hard. I am living it out with you. I want us all to get this right- God is not about control. We cannot control.

What situation is happening in your life that you are trying desperately to control? What is happening that is making you want to run? Make this practical for you- can you put words on it? For me, I think it may be covid fatigue. I am so tired of life changing and politics making decisions that change my life. I want to hide away where I am not affected by any of it.

In Jeremiah 32:27, Scripture says He is the God of all flesh. That means He knows my struggle. He knows and is telling us to trust Him, He’s got it! Nothing is impossible for Him- but it is for us! All we can do is surrender this flesh and let Him be God.

After all- He IS God and we are not.

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