The Cocoon

The story usually begins with a very hungry caterpillar eating everything in sight. He stuffs himself until one day he just stops. He hangs upside down, hiding away in a cocoon. Usually the story jumps to a beautiful butterfly breaking free. What happens in between?

How does this little larva completely transform? Inside the cocoon, he is digesting his own tissue, creating new cells and form. If you were to break the caterpillar out too early, he would be an unformed mess and die.

Much like the caterpillar, there was a young man who ate everything the world threw at him. He disregarded his own life and health. Know anyone like that? If he had kept on, he surely would have destroyed himself. One day he just stopped. He went cocoon. I watched as this young man struggled to survive. He had to digest himself in a sense. He had to take the time to do this himself.

I saw this cocoon, and desperately wanted to help. I wanted to make the journey easier. What if I had broke him loose? He was not ready- he would have died!

There came a time when this young man was almost ready to emerge. One thing remained however. He had to eat his way out of the cocoon. What if I had broke him loose? He would have been too weak to survive..,

Those of us who have a loved one in addiction know this story. We want so badly to jump in and help, but often we do more harm than good.

But he is on the street! He needs help! I have to do something

No, you want to do something. Maybe, as hard as this sounds, God will use that night on the street?

Everyone has to find their own way out. If we try to do it for them, they may not be strong enough to become that butterfly. So what CAN you do?

PRAY! Lean on others who can support you. PRAY!

This is the real chance that caterpillar has to be free! Jesus takes us and completely transforms us- making us stronger in the process. Does it hurt?


Is it easy?


But… it is true. It is real.

What happened to that young man in the cocoon? He struggled and ate his way out and is learning how to fly.

Jesus has set him free. He grows stronger every day – but only because he did it himself. I watched. I cried. I prayed….

Do you know someone stuck in a cocoon? I don’t know how long it will take, but they have to eat their own way out.

Need to pray for them? Message me and I will join with you… He whom the Son sets free is free indeed!

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