Psalm 68- Triumph

(I want to dance in the rain)

I’m not good enough. Even as busy as my life is, I always feel like what I am doing is not good enough. I am going to fail.

Those are the lies that plague my mind. Through the years, they have become the umbrella that I hide under. It could be raining miracles, and I would still question whether or not I am doing enough good to make God happy.

“Let them sing their celebration-songs for the coming of the cloud rider whose name is Yah! (Psalm 68:4 TPT)”

It is raining, but we are hiding under the umbrella! Psalm 68 is a song of victory. The author boldly declares the power of God, and remembers the triumphs from the past. But then he tells the children of God to laugh and be radiant! The victory has already been won, but here comes the King! Yah, or yahweh, rides on the clouds. I know that clouds are used in scripture to represent His glory, but think about this. He rides on the cloud- the very natural element that produces rain.

“You, O God, sent the reviving rain upon your weary inheritance, showers of blessing to refresh it. (68:9)”

If it is going to rain heavenly water, I want to get soaked in it. I want to be free of the lies that hold me back. Free to dance in the heavenly rain, throwing off my umbrella!

Recovery is change. Whether you are recovering from illness, depression, or addiction, successful recovery only happens when we change. We come face to face with the lies that kept us bound. They are the umbrella that blocks the rain of God from soaking us. We go round and round until we finally decide to change.

“Our God is a mighty God who saves us over and over! For the Lord, Yahweh, rescues us from the ways of death many times.(68:20)”

I have come face to face with these same lies many times before. I am comfortable here- if I don’t dance in the rain, I will never slip and fall. Wrong! Even if we hide under the shelter, the rain will still fall. The ground will be changed. We could still slip and fall, but we would not be the joyful ones He has called us to be.

How do we throw off the umbrella? Identify the lies that are covering you. Most likely, somewhere in the past you started to believe this lie was true and reinforced it. The lie became part of you. That is called a stronghold. An umbrella. Start to take it apart. Tell yourself the truth. Change your thoughts, one by one. Recover the truth.

“Display your strength, God, and we’ll be strong! For your miracles have made us who we are. (68:28)”

You never have to do this alone. The King, riding on the clouds, is sending His rain to fill you with strength. He wants nothing more than joyful honesty from us. Just be real with yourself, and with God. There is nothing to be afraid of; we can freely dance in the rain with Him.

What’s the truth for me? I am good enough. All I have to do is what the Lord gives me each day. He does not expect or ask me to do more than that. I can throw my arms up and laugh, knowing that He is happy with my every minute of every day when I love Him.

I am pretty sure He will laugh back at me when I start dancing in the rain! Will you dance with me?

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