300 Days

This month has been an interesting turn of events. I resurrected a book I wrote years ago

called 300 Days: Out of the dark night. No matter what the Lord does with it, each heart that reads it has

been touched. I am amazed at His timing! I realized that without these 300 days, I would not be working

with Families in Recovery, writing this blog, or doing prayer ministry.

This is an excerpt that I felt led to share:

Day 26- One man dead, another rejected by the body of Christ. What are we doing to be God’s heart

to even the least of these? Do you love me? Feed my sheep – even those who may not have clean clothes

to wear or those who may be caught in the chains of addiction. Love them! Just as they are- because your

Father God loved you just as you were!

Last night one homeless man was shot, and another wished he was because a church refused 

to show God’s love unconditionally. As believers, do we love from a distance, or do we show

love in action? Psalm 145 says that all creation will praise the Lord. All creation is touched by 

God, resulting in an eruption of totally extravagant praise! It all starts with God’s love. He loves

the man sitting on the street corner smelling like alcohol. He loves the crack addict who has

failed at treatment three times and sleeps on a cardboard box in an abandoned lot.

It is easy for us to say that God loves them, but do we? As I was praying for “the least of these,”

God allowed me to experience His love in a new way. I found myself experiencing God in the

very place where I had hid in the back row. I knew that I was beginning to overcome the

darkness and learn to walk in the light. God’s love celebrates as His creation loves… believers

opening the doors to those in need, whether they smell good or not. 

Now, looking back on what I wrote years ago, I ask myself- what am I doing

to love like Jesus loved? He helped me walk out of the dark night, I owe Him my love

for the “least of these,” the ones He longs to have set free. How about you?

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