“You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in Your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.” Psalm 139:16 NLT

Recently I had the opportunity to walk on ground I visited as a child. Every where I went seemed to trigger memories. My family had spent summers at what we call “camp,” a beautiful getaway in the mountains.

 Remember when we used to go climbing in the rock quarry?

So much has changed. I am now the adult instead of the child. I found it difficult to let go of memories; I wanted to treasure every single one of them and keep things just as they were. As I spent time enjoying the place where I used to spend hours exploring the woods, I started to replay the story of my life spent there. Since before I was born, God had been preparing the land to be a part of my story. He wrote of childhood joy, laughter, and peace. 

 God is the author of my book- He has my smile on the cover!

Did you know that God is writing your story? Since before you were born, He carefully wrote each and every word, every moment. He is the author, editor and designer for the eternal book that is your life. When we look back on memories, we do not have to let them go because He has them as part of your pages. Whether they are good or bad doesnt matter- He treasures them all. He sees the book from a different perspective than we do. He has woven His glory, His plan into every page. Every part of your life is just a chance for His glory to be seen. 

So why am I so afraid?

We need to change our thinking- more precisely, the way we see. If we look at our book through eyes of fear or shame, we will see our history in pieces. Memories ready to be lost or forgotten. If we look at our book through the eyes of Christ, we can see how His glory is shining all throughout the story! As a child of God, we are one with Christ. If we surrender our minds to Him, He allows us to see through His eyes. We can see the bigger picture, see why and how He is using our lives for His glory. 

 How can that be? You don’t know what I’ve done…

As the author and finisher of our faith, God can and will use EVERY part of your story. Every little problem, God already has it written in such a way that in the end, He will be seen as who He is. Right now things may seem confusing, you may not understand, but here’s the good news-

He is not finished!

He is still writing your story. What you see as loss now is not finished. Our job is not the writing, but the living. How are you living out your book? With eyes wide open that see through His love, or with eyes that clouded by fear and loss? 

Those memories? There are many more to come. Blank pages still being written. When I see through His eyes- how glorious they will be!

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