Guarded Trust

I don’t trust easily. For years I had walls around my heart that were so thick no one could get in. Self- protection and fear. I could not trust people – I felt like it was not safe.

Trust me.

I would tell God that I trust Him, and then turn right around and say that God moves for other people, but not for me. I did not know how to trust.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

What is trust? We tend to use the word in different contexts, most of the time incorrectly. Trust means you have 100% confidence in the integrity or faithfulness of someone. You know completely that you can rely on them- they are always safe. Always good.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5)

Having total confidence is like pouring a glass of pure water into your heart. Does the water have to mix with sand leftover from your past or is it free to fill the space? Trust is pure water. Real. Honest. No mixture.

When will you trust me?

How many times have you heard that? As we move forward in recovery, we want to rebuild broken trust. How long does it take? I don’t have a answer for that. Trust is not free. The people that we trust in our lives have proven themselves to us. It takes time. It is a risk. 100% confidence is not easy. Trust is complete when it is real.

Most of the time we have guarded trust. We want to give it, but cannot seem to surrender completely to it. We continue to guard our hearts from pain. We say, I trust him with this, but maybe not that. After all, people can let us down, right?

Do you trust me?

There is someone you can trust. He will never let you down. God is real. He is always on your side. Always good. Always trustworthy. You may not understand what is happening or why, but you can trust that He has your best interest in mind. He knows more than we do.

Lean not on your own understanding.

God is safe. He will prove Himself true, no matter how long it takes. Recovery is full of rebuilding and restoring. Why not start with a safe place? Then He will help us learn to trust people- when we are ready. Trust is precious- give yourself time to learn it.

A Prayer for Trust

God, I want to trust you. I am afraid that You will let me down. I don’t want to be disappointed again. Please help me give You my fear. Your word says there is no fear in love. If I really love You, I can trust You. I know that You are always there for me, no matter what. I can count on You 100%. Lord I put my total confidence in You, no mixture. Please help me learn to trust people in a safe way. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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  1. This has really hit home for me. I didn’t realize how much I’ve been afraid of trusting God due to painful past events and for fear something bad is going to happen if I pray for God’s will to be done. This goes hand in hand with my devotion which was about trusting God and praying to Him about my fears and lack of trust in Him. Your words and Scripture references to back up your words, testifies to the truth about God, who He is, and to the truth of His holy Word. My sincere thanks to you for sharing this, God knew, God knew!!! Love and blessings to you!!!


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