Hope on Fire

“Hope is the joyful, confident expectation that good is coming. It is an overall optimistic attitude about the future, based on the promised of God. ( unknown)” We under estimate hope. Hope is powerful. It is life changing. Hope is the reason we live.

( artwork by Lisa Albinus)

If we ever let go of our hope, we will fail to thrive. How can we do more than hold on for dear life? How can we do more than just survive? I want to LIVE!

Ignite your hope. Set it on fire.

Hope on fire says more than “ Someday things will get better.” It knows that we can start walking in it now. Hope ignited changes things now. It moves you forward.

“.. I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. ( Psalm 27, NIV)”

I have three fire- starters. These truths ignite my hope and propel me forward to walk in my “someday” hope – today. I can see the goodness of God today, not just tomorrow.

1. God uses people still in progress to do great things. He can and will use broken people to change the lives of other broken people! You don’t have to be perfect!

2. We are not who our past says we are. My past is over. It does not exist anymore. I am who God says I am. He says I am a new creation, His beloved , His warrior. I fight from that place, not from who I thought I was in the past.

3. We are one belief away from the tipping point. We are only one step away from coming out of the cave! The change you need is right around the corner- the important thing is to NEVER give up !

These fire- starters are truths we all need to grab hold of. When we try to hope but sit still too long, we start to look at ourselves instead of God. We can be overcome by the waiting and fail to thrive.

Are you sinking? Or is your hope on fire?

I challenge you. No, I dare you! Believe these three fire-starters. Get up and take one step forward in hope on fire. What is one way God move you forward today? If you are sinking, or you feel hopeless, let me know! Don’t give up! I AM confident that we BOTH will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.!

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