Why do you want to live?

How do you answer that question? Why do you want to live? Is it for your family? Your children? Your ministry?

If we live for someone else, what happens if they leave? Life is about more than that. You need to want to live for yourself.

You have to believe that you matter if you want to live.

Many of us have this little voice that has been planted deep in our soul. It whispers into our subconscious mind- you are not good enough, or maybe- no one wants you. You don’t matter. This little whisper controls much of how we think, how we act, or how we live. We usually don’t even realize it. This little voice is a liar.

Because of our life experiences, somewhere along the road we believed this voice. Now it thinks it is part of our being.

Wrong- it is just a little liar.

An important step in recovery is making the change to live for you- instead of always trying to live for the next visit with your children, or even for the next high. It might be the most critical step there is. If you are truthful with yourself, why do you want to live?

You are worth living for! You do matter! You are good enough!

If you want to change- it is possible. You can stop that little liar in its tracks. You have the power to change why you live. Start replacing the lies with truth- tell yourself you matter. You are important. Make the choice to find one good thing about yourself every day. Starting now.

Recovery is getting back with has been lost- that is you. You are the reason you are alive. Will you choose to live? I want you to make it through…. to live for you.

If this post has impacted you, will you comment and let us know? Your comment could be what someone else needs to read…

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