“For they no longer belong to this world anymore than I do. (John 17:16,TPT)”

You are in this world, but not of it.

Hineni. Here I am, I am listening. Abraham cried out to the Lord – Hineni! I am ready for whatever was to come. Moses spoke Hineni to the Father at the burning bush. Here I am! I am listening and making myself available for whatever You have in store! I am Hineni.

What would that look like for you? Are you ready for anything? Are you ready and willing to listen? What if He asked you to change? Are you ready to get back what the enemy has stolen and recover?

We all face the Unseen. That is what I am calling our enemy these days. He can silently sneak in or undermine our thoughts. He has invaded our world and they don’t even realize it. I want you to read something. This is an excerpt from a faith-story I am writing:

After a restful night of sleep, I woke to a quiet morning by the stream. I looked around at my surroundings. The pillar stood silently in the center of the white platform. Beautiful, lush grass grew on all sides. To the right was a rippling stream, full of life and energy. It was by this stream that I sat listening to the sound of the moving water. On the left of the platform, for as far as the eye could see was an empty field. The horizon seemed endless.

I sat and reflected on where I was, and how I had come to be here.

Who was I? Why had the Ancient One chosen me for this journey?

Born in darkness, I remember being surrounded by fear. I had no voice. The Unseen had me imprisoned in a cell made by my own hand. Years of silence had stolen my song until I no longer believed I had a voice. I did not matter. This was my life.

My mind jumped forward to the day I stepped out of that prison. I opened the door and walked freely out into the light. I heard Him call my name – Beloved. He loved me! Just as I was, sitting in fear and darkness, the Ancient One saw me. I was Beloved! On that day, I knew who I was. I was His.

There were many times when I would hide in that prison cell, even though I had seen the light. I was still afraid, still haunted by the Unseen. In and out, the Ancient One waited patiently for me each time, always reminding me of His Presence. I was like that pillar on the platform. Alone, but never really alone.

I glanced over at the pillar and the platform on which it stood. I looked more closely at the platform itself. There were indeed several places where the storms had chipped away the paint, and small cracks invaded the strength of its construction. I could see how the cracks might continue spreading if not tended to. The Ancient One had told me that my foundation was cracked.

I slowly climbed onto the platform, onto the foundation. Where were the cracks in my foundation? Where was I growing weak?

You are in this world, but not of it. You exist only because the Ancient One, God, has chosen you. He exists outside of time, beyond our limits and rules. The longer we live in this world, the more the Unseen tries to chip away at our foundation. Where are you growing weak?

There have been many days when I listened to the Unseen. I would step back into that prison cell of silence and listen to the lies he whispered. I have spent many hours discouraged, because I was not seeing the results I wanted. Crack.

I even walked in bitterness or anger because life was getting hard. Crack.

Before I knew it, my foundation was cracked and weakening.

But ….. I said Hineni…..

No matter how old you get, or how strong you think you are, your foundation can crack. Time can wear on us, our life experiences can trick us into listening to the Unseen. We are never so strong that our foundation cannot crack. Can you relate?

God is asking us to say Hineni – to make ourselves available for what comes next, even if this means that He works on our foundation.


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