The Lazarus People

“Isn’t this the One who opens blind eyes? Why didn’t He do something to keep Lazarus from dying? (John 11:37,TPT)”

There are people in our world who are dead but alive. They live and breathe, but are covered by grave clothes made with pain, trauma, drugs, and fear. They do not know how to live.

I call them Lazarus people. They are walking in the death of not knowing true life. Society views them as hopeless – they have already rolled the stone to seal the tombs.

“Jesus told them, roll away the stone. (v. 38)”

Stop seeing them as hopeless.

“Then, with a loud voice Jesus shouted with authority -Lazarus, come out of the tomb! (v.43)”

We are being asked to call into the tomb. Loudly and with authority. What do you think?

I go back to that first verse – Mary and Martha loved Lazarus but grieved. I am sure that everyone wondered why Jesus did not heal him from his sickness. Have you ever been in that place? Why did your loved one have to suffer? Why did God allow them to become addicted to drugs in the first place? Why are your prayers not being answered? I definitely have thought that.

Jesus loved Lazarus, without a doubt. He loved Mary and Martha. Lazarus still died. There was a greater purpose for his life. Jesus knew. Imagine how Lazarus would have reacted to having the grave clothes torn off! If that were me, I would never be silent again!

We have a great opportunity today to call into the tomb. The Lazarus People will be the greatest awakening this world has ever seen, but only if someone calls them out. Wake up! There is life outside of that dark tomb – and His name is Jesus! We need the dead to rise up. I can see them in my mind – hurting, wandering in shame, believing the lies the enemy has whispered to them. Lazarus – come forth! Take off your grave clothes – be free!

The field before us is great. There are so many that one person cannot do it all. Will you join me as I call into the field, call into the tomb – and help them be set free from their dead rags? Whether they answer or not, I will call them out. I challenge you to do the same.

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