Belay That

to attach (a rope) to something so that it is secure : to attach a secure rope to (a person) for safety.

I have this image in my mind of rock climbing. I see this steep, jagged mountain with people trying to climb its cliffs. Some are perilously climbing alone, in danger of their foot slipping. Others are climbing with safety gear. This mountain is our life. We all have a personal journey we are climbing.

Climbing gear is designed for safety. I am not a rock climber, but I have seen the process as the climber uses a belay line. In my mind this morning, I see climbers with a rope attached to the person on the ground – their support and safety. Where are you in this picture?

The Lord has assigned someone as your belay line. It is not in his design for us to walk alone, or to climb our mountain alone. He knows what you are dealing with, what the jagged rocks are made of on your journey, and He provides you the support to make it through. The problem is that this requires communication!

Climber: “On belay?” (Are you ready to belay me?)
Belayer: “Belay on.” (Slack is gone and I’m ready.)

Climber: “Climbing.” (I’m going to climb now.)
Belayer: “Climb on.” (I’m ready for you to climb.)

Climber: “Slack!” (Pay out a little rope.)
Belayer: (Pay out rope and pause to see if climber asks again.) (

If we do not communicate, the process breaks down. The climber can stumble and fall. My heart breaks for those I know need a belayer, but refuse to reach out. You don’t have to do this alone! Let us take up the slack for you!

There are deep places in our hearts that we hide shame. We lock away parts of ourselves -then we try to forget. Unfortunately, they don’t go away.

This shame keeps us isolated. It puts thoughts in our head that tell us we can’t talk about things, if we reach out they will think we are…







You were not made to climb like this. You were made to Belay That!

Will you let us hold the line for you? Don’t listen to the lies of shame – take hold of the safety line God created just for you. I don’t want your feet to slip on the rocks…

Belay That!!!

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