Against Apathy

Its been a while. Honestly, I have been struggling with the “why.” Why do I write? Why do I minister? Does it really matter? I put on blinders that blocked me from seeing what I needed to see.

I have friends who have put words on the blinders. Apathy. Tired. They are so overwhelmed with life that they can’t see the why anymore.

It’s difficult to live as God calls us to live in the middle of a busy, chaotic world. It’s exhausting to constantly try to do everything, to be everything to everybody.


I heard someone speak last week- it spoke straight to my questioning heart. “Take off the blinders,” he said. ( Thank you Craig Luper). See the world around you. Missional living. I say Missional theology.

Missional theology is God’s people seeking to live as God’s people in a fallen and ever changing world, and to bear witness to God’s Kingdom to the world around them. … ‘ ~ Like modern law, missional theology must deal with human contexts that are ever changing. (Sage Journals)

I am convinced that the only effective way to reach a community with one foot firmly entrenched in the world is to “make the most of every opportunity.” ( Colossians)

If we are going to make a difference in the recovery community, if we are going to make a difference with their families, we HAVE to make the most out of every opportunity. We must begin to have missional theology and live as God’s people in the constantly changing darkness of this world. We cannot wait for them to come to us. We cannot wait for things in the world to get better. What if it doesn’t?

What will this look like? I am not sure. I know that I have to change. If I see a man in the cold, I just might stop and give him a blanket from the back of my car. If I have a chance to pray- you know I’m going to pray! What about you? Are you willing to take off the blinders?

Are you willing to help me with this? Send me a comment with how you made the most of one opportunity? Let me know that you are out there reading!

Help me to bear witness to God’s kingdom to the world around me.

Help me to make a difference to the community I am called to…

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