Finding God Through Hard Times

Recovery is hard. There is no easy way to do it. Whether you or a loved one is walking this journey, it will be hard work.

I heard a sermon recently about finding God IN the hard times, but lately I have been thinking it is more that we need to find God THROUGH the hard times. We all have our own experiences that seem to break us down. Relapse definitely brings it, but so does the loss of a job, sickness, even death.

We want to blame someone.

Have you ever blamed God for the hard times? Made it His fault because something unwanted happened? Everything is not His fault. I do believe He orchestrates our lives to accomplish His plan, but sometimes it just happens. We blame Him because we don’t want to blame ourselves. We blame Him when we don’t understand.

He is there, in the hard times, even if we caused it.

We need to find God through our actions, our experiences, and the consequences we face. Look deeper into that hard time and see what you can learn. Where was God that night a loved one relapsed? Where was He when you made a very wrong decision? Why were you not seeing Him?

Finding God THROUGH the hard times helps us to find glimpses of Hope, in the midst of the darkest parts of our lives.

Instead of blaming God because He didn’t make your life smooth and bump free, forget the blame. It is not about who caused it to happen, but more about how can you find light in the darkness. Look through the hard times, don’t stop looking until you find God through them!

Recovery is hard. Life is hard. We have to walk it together.

Families in Recovery Ministries is still here. God is still here. Don’t get lost in the dark. Find God through the hard times.

If you need someone to talk to about this,

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