The birds

Fly! Spread your wings and soar above the treetops, above the atmosphere. Fly like the birds do, going where the wind carries them.

I cannot get the image of birds out of my mind. Flying free, their song piercing the silence of the air. I have never been one to like birds, but the Lord seems to be using them.

Remember that songbird from my last blog? I am that bird. Now I can spread my wings and fly, leaving the bars of the cage behind. As I thought about this today, my human mind asked the question- where am I supposed to land?

Why do you have to land?

Good question! Instinctively I want to know direction. I still want to be in control. Surrender asks me to give that up! I can fly wherever the wind carries me. I do not have to land on a particular place. Imagine the freedom!

Recovery would be so much simpler if we could live like the birds- flying free above our pain, above our problems. Fully surrendered to the One Power who can change us. This morning I was drawn to this painting of the birds. I stared at it for quite a while, thinking deeply.

These birds look trapped. They are hidden behind the branches. Can they fly?

You can’t see them until they fly. They have to leave the branches to fly forward.

It is so beautiful when people fly free. The birds are simply a visual reminder of what freedom looks like. Recovery, emotional healing, trauma, pain- they are the branches we hide behind. That is not who you are! It IS possible for you to fly free and never have to land!

When we surrender control, we are free to live one day at a time. One step at a time. We can fly free- soaring in peace and joy until God chooses to have us land somewhere for a moment. Then once we make ourselves known in that place, we can take off and fly again! I want to live from the air!

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