The Fence

I have been thinking about the principle of the path today. It is not your intentions that will get you where you want to go. It is the steps you take in the right direction. Andy Stanley wrote a wonderful book to answer the question, “ How do you get where you want to go?” There is so much wisdom in this principle.

As I lay in bed tonight, once again trying to sleep, I thought about my path. What direction is the Lord taking me? Almost immediately, I stopped moving forward. This huge fence was blocking my path.

This fence has a name – Offense.

We cannot get where we want to go without moving this fence!

I am about to get real. I am having trouble moving this fence. Not quite sure why. Earlier this summer some decisions were made that hurt me. I felt like I did not matter. No, I felt angry. Recently I found out more decisions that just heaped coals on the fire. Every time I get close to it, my anger stirs up. I have tried several times to let it go, do what I would tell others to do, but I am still angry. I try to choose to forgive, but the fence is still there.

Can you relate?

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. People make decisions, they do things that are unfair. We get hurt. We need to stay on our path, even though we hit a bump in the road. We have to get where we’re going. Recovery means you stay on your path. We can’t let the fence block the way!

How do I move this fence?

I think maybe I am having trouble letting this offense go because of my deep convictions. When I feel something is wrong, I will stand strong, no matter what. I will fight for what I believe. I still feel like I was wronged in this situation. Have you felt this way?

No matter what we think or feel, we have to forgive. We cannot continue to let offense be a fence in our path. It is important that we move forward on our journey. Each step we take matters. Has a loved one done something that was wrong to you? Have you been unfairly judged or mistreated? Have you been wronged at your job? Don’t let offense block your path. You may be right, they may be wrong- but it doesn’t really matter. Its still a fence.

Will you make the choice to move that fence out of your way? Pray with me,

I choose to forgive…..I choose to move the fence whether I am right or wrong. Help me forgive them Father. Clear the path for me! I want to keep taking steps toward where I am going. Thank you Father for knowing what I need.

See your path in front of you? You just took a step in the right direction. I did too.

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